Miniature probe for mapping mechanical properties of vascular lesions using acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography.

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Journal Article


Scientific reports, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.4731 (2017)


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of fatalities in the United States. Atherosclerotic plaques are one of the primary complications that can lead to strokes and heart attacks if left untreated. It is essential to diagnose the disease early and distinguish vulnerable plaques from harmless ones. Many methods focus on the structural or molecular properties of plaques. Mechanical properties have been shown to change drastically when abnormalities develop in arterial tissue. We report the development of an acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography (ARF-OCE) system that uses an integrated miniature ultrasound and optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe to map the relative elasticity of vascular tissues. We demonstrate the capability of the miniature probe to map the biomechanical properties in phantom and human cadaver carotid arteries.

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