Noninvasive assessment of skin structure by combined photothermal radiometry and optical spectroscopy: coregistration with multiphoton microscopy.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Applied optics, Volume 57, Issue 18, p.D117-D122 (2018)



We are combining two optical techniques, pulsed photothermal radiometry (PPTR) and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS), for noninvasive assessment of the structure and composition of human skin in vivo. The analysis involves simultaneous multidimensional fitting of the measured PPTR signals and DRS spectra with predictions of a numerical model of light transport (Monte Carlo) in a four-layer model optical model of human skin, accounting for the epidermis, papillary and reticular dermis, and subcutis. The assessed epidermal thickness values were tested by coregistration with a multiphoton microscope, which provides vertical sectioning capability based on two-photon excited fluorescence and second-harmonic generation in selected skin components. The comparison shows that these values correspond well to the maximal epidermal thicknesses measured in the multiphoton microscopy images, the rete ridges.