Photothermal ablation of malignant brain tumors by nanoparticle loaded macrophages

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


SPIE BiOSPhotonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics VII, SPIE, Volume 7883, San Francisco, California, p.78833U - 78833U-10 (2011)


Nanoshells are a new class of optically tunable nanoparticles composed of a dielectric core (silica) coated with an ultrathin metallic layer (gold). Since nanoshells are roughly one million times more efficient at converting NIR light into heat than conventional dyes when exposed to NIR light, they can generate sufficient heat to induce cell death. Macrophages are frequently found in and around glioblastomas in both experimental animals and patient biopsies. Inflammatory cells loaded with nanoparticles could therefore be used to target tumors.