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Posttraumatic Laser Treatment of Soft Tissue Injury Tripathi, Prem B., Nelson Stuart J., and Wong Brian J. Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America, 11/2017, Volume 25, Issue 4, p.617 - 628, (2017) Full text PDF (1.25 MB)
Unique Clinical Aspects of Nasal Scarring. Caughlin, Benjamin P., Barnes Christian, Nelson Stuart J., and Wong Brian J. F. Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America, 2017 Feb, Volume 25, Issue 1, p.45-54, (2017) Full text PDF (3.54 MB)
Calcium hydroxylapatite associated soft tissue necrosis: a case report and treatment guideline. Tracy, Lauren, Ridgway James, Nelson Stuart J., Lowe Nelson, and Wong Brian Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS, 2014 Apr, Volume 67, Issue 4, p.564-8, (2014) Full text PDF (877.76 KB)
In vivo laser cartilage reshaping with carbon dioxide spray cooling in a rabbit ear model: A pilot study. Kuan, Edward C., Hamamoto Ashley A., Sun Victor, Nguyen Tony, Manuel Cyrus T., Protsenko Dmitry E., Wong Brian J. F., Nelson Stuart J., and Jia Wangcun Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2014 Dec, Volume 46, Issue 10, p.791-5, (2014) Full text PDF (464.82 KB)
Sustained activation of c-Jun N-terminal and extracellular signal-regulated kinases in port-wine stain blood vessels. Tan, Wenbin, Chernova Margarita, Gao Lin, Sun Victor, Liu Huaxu, Jia Wangcun, Langer Stephanie, Wang Gang, Mihm Martin C., and Nelson Stuart J. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2014 Aug 16, (2014) Full text PDF (2.03 MB)
Topical rapamycin systematically suppresses the early stages of pulsed dye laser-induced angiogenesis pathways. Gao, Lin, Phan Sydney, Nadora Dawnica Mercado, Chernova Margarita, Sun Victor, Preciado Salena Marie Oaxaca, Ballew Brittany, Jia Zhenyu, Jia Wangcun, Wang Gang, et al. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2014 Sep 30, (2014) Full text PDF (4.21 MB)
Characterization of a new acne vulgaris treatment device combining light and thermal treatment methods. Joo, Yeail, Kang Heesung, Choi Eung Ho, Nelson Stuart J., and Jung Byungjo Skin research and technology : official journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin (ISBS) [and] International Society for Digital Imaging of Skin (ISDIS) [and] International Society for Skin Imaging (ISSI), 2012 Feb, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.15-21, (2012) Full text PDF (531.87 KB)
An overview of three promising mechanical, optical, and biochemical engineering approaches to improve selective photothermolysis of refractory port wine stains. Aguilar, Guillermo, Choi Bernard, Broekgaarden Mans, Yang Owen, Yang Bruce, Ghasri Pedram, Chen Jennifer K., Bezemer Rick, Nelson Stuart J., van Drooge Anne Margreet, et al. Annals of biomedical engineering, 2012 Feb, Volume 40, Issue 2, p.486-506, (2012) Full text PDF (1.87 MB)
Photocoagulation of dermal blood vessels with multiple laser pulses in an in vivo microvascular model. Jia, Wangcun, Tran Nadia, Sun Victor, Marinček Marko, Majaron Boris, Choi Bernard, and Nelson Stuart J. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2012 Feb, Volume 44, Issue 2, p.144-51, (2012) Full text PDF (436.41 KB)
Port-wine stain laser treatments and novel approaches. Ortiz, Arisa E., and Nelson Stuart J. Facial plastic surgery : FPS, 2012 Dec, Volume 28, Issue 6, p.611-20, (2012) Full text PDF (282.54 KB)
Real-time measurement of skin erythema variation by negative compression: pilot study. Jung, Byungjo, Kim Soobyeong, Bae Yunjin, Kang Heesung, Lee Yongheum, and Nelson Stuart J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2012 Aug 1, Volume 17, Issue 8, p.81422-1, (2012) Full text PDF (1.08 MB)
Spatial frequency domain imaging of port wine stain biochemical composition in response to laser therapy: A pilot study. Mazhar, Amaan, Sharif Seyed A., Cuccia David J., Nelson Stuart J., Kelly Kristen M., and Durkin Anthony J. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2012 Oct, Volume 44, Issue 8, p.611-21, (2012) Full text PDF (3.28 MB)
Topical rapamycin suppresses the angiogenesis pathways induced by pulsed dye laser: Molecular mechanisms of inhibition of regeneration and revascularization of photocoagulated cutaneous blood vessels. Tan, Wenbin, Jia Wangcun, Sun Victor, Mihm Martin C., and Nelson Stuart J. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2012 Dec, Volume 44, Issue 10, p.796-804, (2012) Full text PDF (173.87 KB)