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Noninvasive assessment of skin structure by combined photothermal radiometry and optical spectroscopy: coregistration with multiphoton microscopy. Verdel, Nina, Lentsch Griffin, Balu Mihaela, Tromberg Bruce J., and Majaron Boris Applied optics, 2018 Jun 20, Volume 57, Issue 18, p.D117-D122, (2018)
Non-invasive Dual-Channel Broadband Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy of Massive Hemorrhage and Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) in Swine. Lam, Jesse H., O'Sullivan Thomas D., Park Tim S., Choi Jae H., Warren Robert V., Chen Wen-Pin, McLaren Christine E., Cancio Leopoldo C., Batchinsky Andriy I., and Tromberg Bruce J. Military medicine, 2018 Mar 01, Volume 183, Issue suppl_1, p.150-156, (2018) Full text PDF (501.32 KB)
PTEN Deficiency and AMPK Activation Promote Nutrient Scavenging and Anabolism in Prostate Cancer Cells. Kim, Seong M., Nguyen Tricia T., Ravi Archna, Kubiniok Peter, Finicle Brendan T., Jayashankar Vaishali, Malacrida Leonel, Hou Jue, Robertson Jane, Gao Dong, et al. Cancer discovery, 2018 Jul, Volume 8, Issue 7, p.866-883, (2018)
Quantitative real-time optical imaging of the tissue metabolic rate of oxygen consumption. Ghijsen, Michael, Lentsch Griffin R., Gioux Sylvain, Brenner Matthew, Durkin Anthony J., Choi Bernard, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2018 Mar, Volume 23, Issue 3, p.1-12, (2018) Full text PDF (4.04 MB)
Visualization of Breast Cancer Metabolism Using Multimodal Nonlinear Optical Microscopy of Cellular Lipids and Redox State. Hou, Jue, Williams Joshua, Botvinick Elliot L., Potma Eric O., and Tromberg Bruce J. Cancer research, 2018 May 15, Volume 78, Issue 10, p.2503-2512, (2018)
ATR Mutations Promote the Growth of Melanoma Tumors by Modulating the Immune Microenvironment. Chen, Chi-Fen, Ruiz-Vega Rolando, Vasudeva Priya, Espitia Francisco, Krasieva Tatiana B., de Feraudy Sebastien, Tromberg Bruce J., Huang Sharon, Garner Chad P., Wu Jie, et al. Cell reports, 2017 Mar 07, Volume 18, Issue 10, p.2331-2342, (2017) Full text PDF (2.57 MB)
CDCP1 drives triple-negative breast cancer metastasis through reduction of lipid-droplet abundance and stimulation of fatty acid oxidation. Wright, Heather J., Hou Jue, Xu Binzhi, Cortez Marvin, Potma Eric O., Tromberg Bruce J., and Razorenova Olga V. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017 Jul 24, (2017) Full text PDF (1.93 MB)
Compressed single pixel imaging in the spatial frequency domain. Torabzadeh, Mohammad, Park Il-Yong, Bartels Randy A., Durkin Anthony J., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Mar 01, Volume 22, Issue 3, p.30501, (2017) Full text PDF (1.16 MB)
High-speed spatial frequency domain imaging of rat cortex detects dynamic optical and physiological properties following cardiac arrest and resuscitation. Wilson, Robert H., Crouzet Christian, Torabzadeh Mohammad, Bazrafkan Afsheen, Farahabadi Maryam H., Jamasian Babak, Donga Dishant, Alcocer Juan, Zaher Shuhab M., Choi Bernard, et al. Neurophotonics, 2017 Oct, Volume 4, Issue 4, p.045008, (2017) Full text PDF (2.45 MB)
In vivo multiphoton-microscopy of picosecond-laser-induced optical breakdown in human skin. Balu, Mihaela, Lentsch Griffin, Korta Dorota Z., König Karsten, Kelly Kristen M., Tromberg Bruce J., and Zachary Christopher B. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2017 Mar 23, (2017)
Mapping breast cancer blood flow index, composition, and metabolism in a human subject using combined diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging and diffuse correlation spectroscopy. Yazdi, Hossein S., O'Sullivan Thomas D., Leproux Anais, Hill Brian, Durkin Amanda, Telep Seraphim, Lam Jesse, Yazdi Siavash S., Police Alice M., Carroll Robert M., et al. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Apr 01, Volume 22, Issue 4, p.45003, (2017) Full text PDF (4.32 MB)
Noninvasive depth estimation using tissue optical properties and a dual-wavelength fluorescent molecular probe in vivo. Miller, Jessica P., Maji Dolonchampa, Lam Jesse, Tromberg Bruce J., and Achilefu Samuel Biomedical optics express, 2017 Jun 01, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.3095-3109, (2017) Full text PDF (4.23 MB)
Noninvasive optical imaging of resistance training adaptations in human muscle. Warren, Robert V., Cotter Joshua, Ganesan Goutham, Le Lisa, Agustin Janelle P., Duarte Bridgette, Cutler Kyle, O'Sullivan Thomas, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Dec, Volume 22, Issue 12, p.1-9, (2017) Full text PDF (2.59 MB)
Performance assessment of diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging instruments in a 2-year multicenter breast cancer trial Leproux, Anaïs, O'Sullivan Thomas D., Cerussi Albert, Durkin Amanda, Hill Brian, Hylton Nola, Yodh Arjun G., Carp Stefan A., Boas David, Jiang Shudong, et al. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Dec 01, Volume 22, Issue 12, p.121604, (2017) Full text PDF (1.78 MB)
Sample size and power determination when limited preliminary information is available. McLaren, Christine E., Chen Wen-Pin, O'Sullivan Thomas D., Gillen Daniel L., Su Min-Ying, Chen Jeon H., and Tromberg Bruce J. BMC medical research methodology, 2017 Apr 26, Volume 17, Issue 1, p.75, (2017) Full text PDF (1.28 MB)
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser sources for gigahertz-bandwidth, multiwavelength frequency-domain photon migration. O'Sullivan, Thomas D., No Keunsik, Matlock Alex, Warren Robert V., Hill Brian, Cerussi Albert E., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Oct, Volume 22, Issue 10, p.1-8, (2017) Full text PDF (1.83 MB)
Biomedical optics centers: forty years of multidisciplinary clinical translation for improving human health. Tromberg, Bruce J., Anderson Rox R., Birngruber Reginald, Brinkmann Ralf, Berns Michael W., Parrish John A., and Apiou-Sbirlea Gabriela Journal of biomedical optics, 2016 Dec 01, Volume 21, Issue 12, p.124001, (2016) Full text PDF (938.64 KB)
Cerebral blood flow is decoupled from blood pressure and linked to EEG bursting after resuscitation from cardiac arrest. Crouzet, Christian, Wilson Robert H., Bazrafkan Afsheen, Farahabadi Maryam H., Lee Donald, Alcocer Juan, Tromberg Bruce J., Choi Bernard, and Akbari Yama Biomedical optics express, 2016 Nov 01, Volume 7, Issue 11, p.4660-4673, (2016) Full text PDF (3.84 MB)
Correlating two-photon excited fluorescence imaging of breast cancer cellular redox state with seahorse flux analysis of normalized cellular oxygen consumption. Hou, Jue, Wright Heather J., Chan Nicole, Tran Richard, Razorenova Olga V., Potma Eric O., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2016 Jun 1, Volume 21, Issue 6, p.60503, (2016) Full text PDF (704.34 KB)
Differential diagnosis of breast masses in South Korean premenopausal women using diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging. Leproux, Anaïs, Kim You Me, Min Jun Won, McLaren Christine E., Chen Wen-Pin, O'Sullivan Thomas D., Lee Seung-ha, Chung Phil-Sang, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2016 Jul 1, Volume 21, Issue 7, p.74001, (2016) Full text PDF (1.9 MB)
Imaging mitochondrial dynamics in human skin reveals depth-dependent hypoxia and malignant potential for diagnosis. Pouli, Dimitra, Balu Mihaela, Alonzo Carlo A., Liu Zhiyi, Quinn Kyle P., Rius-Diaz Francisca, Harris Ronald M., Kelly Kristen M., Tromberg Bruce J., and Georgakoudi Irene Science translational medicine, 2016 Nov 30, Volume 8, Issue 367, p.367ra169, (2016)
Predicting Responses to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: ACRIN 6691 Trial of Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging. Tromberg, Bruce J., Zhang Zheng, Leproux Anaïs, O'Sullivan Thomas D., Cerussi Albert E., Carpenter Philip M., Mehta Rita S., Roblyer Darren, Yang Wei, Paulsen Keith D., et al. Cancer research, 2016 Oct 15, Volume 76, Issue 20, p.5933-5944, (2016) Full text PDF (1.14 MB)
Rapid mesoscale multiphoton microscopy of human skin. Balu, Mihaela, Mikami Hideharu, Hou Jue, Potma Eric O., and Tromberg Bruce J. Biomedical optics express, 2016 Nov 01, Volume 7, Issue 11, p.4375-4387, (2016)
Real-time simultaneous single snapshot of optical properties and blood flow using coherent spatial frequency domain imaging (cSFDI). Ghijsen, Michael, Choi Bernard, Durkin Anthony J., Gioux Sylvain, and Tromberg Bruce J. Biomedical optics express, 2016 Mar 1, Volume 7, Issue 3, p.870-82, (2016) Full text PDF (1.65 MB)
SPIE Proceedings - From theory to practice: the broadening role of polydimethylsiloxane phantoms as an intermediary between model validation and instrument performance testing (Conference Presentation) Saager, Rolf B., Quach Alan, Kennedy Gordon T., Tromberg Bruce J., and Durkin Anthony J. SPIE BiOSDesign and Quality for Biomedical Technologies IX, Volume 9700, San Francisco, California, United States, p.97000G, (2016) Full text PDF (111.03 KB)