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Digital holographic microscopy for quantitative cell dynamic evaluation during laser microsurgery. Yu, Lingfeng, Mohanty Samarendra, Zhang Jun, Genc Suzanne, Kim Myung K., Berns Michael W., and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2009 Jul 6, Volume 17, Issue 14, p.12031-8, (2009) Full text PDF (851.01 KB)
High-dynamic-range quantitative phase imaging with spectral domain phase microscopy. Zhang, Jun, Rao Bin, Yu Lingfeng, and Chen Zhongping Optics letters, 2009 Nov 1, Volume 34, Issue 21, p.3442-4, (2009) Full text PDF (416.68 KB)
In vivo diagnosis of oral dysplasia and malignancy using optical coherence tomography: preliminary studies in 50 patients. Wilder-Smith, Petra, Lee Kenneth, Guo Shuguang, Zhang Jun, Osann Kathryn, Chen Zhongping, and Messadi Diana Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2009 Jul, Volume 41, Issue 5, p.353-7, (2009) Full text PDF (2.52 MB)
In vivo early detection of smoke-induced airway injury using three-dimensional swept-source optical coherence tomography. Yin, Jiechen, Liu Gangjun, Zhang Jun, Yu Lingfeng, Mahon Sari, Mukai David, Brenner Matthew, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2009 Nov-Dec, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.060503, (2009) Full text PDF (349.52 KB)
Real-time polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography data processing with parallel computing. Liu, Gangjun, Zhang Jun, Yu Lingfeng, Xie Tuqiang, and Chen Zhongping Applied optics, 2009 Nov 10, Volume 48, Issue 32, p.6365-70, (2009) Full text PDF (645.89 KB)
Rotational multiphoton endoscopy with a 1 microm fiber laser system. Liu, Gangjun, Xie Tuqiang, Tomov Ivan V., Su Jianping, Yu Lingfeng, Zhang Jun, Tromberg Bruce J., and Chen Zhongping Optics letters, 2009 Aug 1, Volume 34, Issue 15, p.2249-51, (2009) Full text PDF (255.9 KB)