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Stimuli-disassembling gold nanoclusters for diagnosis of early stage oral cancer by optical coherence tomography Kim, Chang Soo, Ingato Dominique, Wilder-Smith Petra, Chen Zhongping, and Kwon Young Jik Nano Convergence, 12/2018, Volume 52623844657236822092792541184371023572636097281414113387385419411827241797313570389958127427126, Issue 1, (2018) Full text PDF (1.99 MB)
Photothermal ablation of malignant brain tumors by nanoparticle loaded macrophages Hirschberg, Henry, Baek Seung-Kuk, Kwon Young Jik, Sun Chung-Ho, and Madsen Steen J. SPIE BiOSPhotonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics VII, Volume 7883, San Francisco, California, p.78833U - 78833U-10, (2011) Full text PDF (795.63 KB)