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Mapping breast cancer blood flow index, composition, and metabolism in a human subject using combined diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging and diffuse correlation spectroscopy. Yazdi, Hossein S., O'Sullivan Thomas D., Leproux Anais, Hill Brian, Durkin Amanda, Telep Seraphim, Lam Jesse, Yazdi Siavash S., Police Alice M., Carroll Robert M., et al. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Apr 01, Volume 22, Issue 4, p.45003, (2017) Full text PDF (4.32 MB)
Miniature probe for mapping mechanical properties of vascular lesions using acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography. Qu, Yueqiao, Ma Teng, He Youmin, Yu Mingyue, Zhu Jiang, Miao Yusi, Dai Cuixia, Patel Pranav, Shung Kirk K., Zhou Qifa, et al. Scientific reports, 2017 Jul 05, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.4731, (2017) Full text PDF (115.24 KB)
Mitotic Tethers Connect Sister Chromosomes During Anaphase A in PtK2 Cells Ono, Matthew D., Preece Daryl, Duquette Michelle L., and Berns Michael W. Optical Trapping ApplicationsOptics in the Life Sciences Congress, San Diego, CaliforniaWashington, D.C., p.OtM4E.4, (2017) Full text PDF (200.44 KB)
The Myth of the Internal Nasal Valve. Tripathi, Prem B., Elghobashi Said, and Wong Brian J. F. JAMA facial plastic surgery, 2017 Apr 06, (2017) Full text PDF (251.42 KB)
Noninvasive depth estimation using tissue optical properties and a dual-wavelength fluorescent molecular probe in vivo. Miller, Jessica P., Maji Dolonchampa, Lam Jesse, Tromberg Bruce J., and Achilefu Samuel Biomedical optics express, 2017 Jun 01, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.3095-3109, (2017) Full text PDF (4.23 MB)
Novel Method for Obtaining Intraoperative Digital Video. Tripathi, Prem B., and Wong Brian J. F. Facial plastic surgery : FPS, 2017 Feb, Volume 33, Issue 1, p.114-115, (2017) Full text PDF (745.02 KB)
Photodynamic therapy enhances the efficacy of gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy. Christie, Catherine, Pomeroy Aftin, Nair Rohit, Berg Kristian, and Hirschberg Henry Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy, 2017 Feb 28, (2017) Full text PDF (1.4 MB)
A Quantitative Approach to Determining the Ideal Female Lip Aesthetic and Its Effect on Facial Attractiveness. Popenko, Natalie A., Tripathi Prem B., Devcic Zlatko, Karimi Koohyar, Osann Kathryn, and Wong Brian J. F. JAMA facial plastic surgery, 2017 Feb 16, (2017) Full text PDF (766.48 KB)
Quantitative long-term measurements of burns in a rat model using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) and Laser Speckle Imaging (LSI). Ponticorvo, Adrien, Burmeister David M., Rowland Rebecca, Baldado Melissa, Kennedy Gordon T., Saager Rolf, Bernal Nicole, Choi Bernard, and Durkin Anthony J. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2017 Feb 21, (2017)
Recapitulating the human tumor microenvironment: Colon tumor-derived extracellular matrix promotes angiogenesis and tumor cell growth. Romero-López, Mónica, Trinh Andrew L., Sobrino Agua, Hatch Michaela M. S., Keating Mark T., Fimbres Cristhian, Lewis David E., Gershon Paul D., Botvinick Elliot L., Digman Michelle, et al. Biomaterials, 2017 Feb, Volume 116, p.118-129, (2017) Full text PDF (3.34 MB)
Red light improves spermatozoa motility and does not induce oxidative DNA damage. Preece, Daryl, Chow Kay W., Gomez-Godinez Veronica, Gustafson Kyle, Esener Selin, Ravida Nicole, Durrant Barbara, and Berns Michael W. Scientific reports, 2017 Apr 20, Volume 7, p.46480, (2017) Full text PDF (822.39 KB)
Red Light Irradiation of Human Spermatozoa Increases Motility without Significant DNA Damage Chow, Kay W., Preece Daryl, Gomez-Godinez Veronica, and Berns Michael W. Optical Trapping ApplicationsOptics in the Life Sciences Congress, San Diego, CaliforniaWashington, D.C., p.OtTu2E.3, (2017) Full text PDF (453.51 KB)
Revisiting the History and Importance of Phototherapy in Dermatology. Brodsky, Merrick, Abrouk Michael, Lee Patrick, and Kelly Kristen M. JAMA dermatology, 2017 May 01, Volume 153, Issue 5, p.435, (2017) Full text PDF (36.59 KB)
Sample size and power determination when limited preliminary information is available. McLaren, Christine E., Chen Wen-Pin, O'Sullivan Thomas D., Gillen Daniel L., Su Min-Ying, Chen Jeon H., and Tromberg Bruce J. BMC medical research methodology, 2017 Apr 26, Volume 17, Issue 1, p.75, (2017) Full text PDF (1.28 MB)
Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Thiosulfate Are Effective Against Acute Cyanide Poisoning When Administered by Intramuscular Injection. Bebarta, Vikhyat S., Brittain Matthew, Chan Adriano, Garrett Norma, Yoon David, Burney Tanya, Mukai David, Babin Michael, Pilz Renate B., Mahon Sari B., et al. Annals of emergency medicine, 2017 Jun, Volume 69, Issue 6, p.718-725.e4, (2017) Full text PDF (960.36 KB)
Solid tissue simulating phantoms having absorption at 970 nm for diffuse optics. Kennedy, Gordon T., Lentsch Griffin R., Trieu Brandon, Ponticorvo Adrien, Saager Rolf B., and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2017 Jul 01, Volume 22, Issue 7, p.76013, (2017) Full text PDF (1.57 MB)
SPIE ProceedingsPhoto-induced force measurements with femtosecond pulses (Conference Presentation) Khan, Ryan M., Kim Bongsu, Jahng Junghoon, and Potma Eric O. SPIE OPTOComplex Light and Optical Forces XI, Volume 10120, San Francisco, California, United States, p.1012015, (2017) Full text PDF (110.31 KB)
Synergistic efficacy of ultrasound, sonosensitizers and chemotherapy: a review. Hirschberg, Henry, and Madsen Steen J. Therapeutic delivery, 2017 Mar, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.331-342, (2017)
Unique Clinical Aspects of Nasal Scarring. Caughlin, Benjamin P., Barnes Christian, Nelson Stuart J., and Wong Brian J. F. Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America, 2017 Feb, Volume 25, Issue 1, p.45-54, (2017) Full text PDF (3.54 MB)
3D mapping of elastic modulus using shear wave optical micro-elastography. Zhu, Jiang, Qi Li, Miao Yusi, Ma Teng, Dai Cuixia, Qu Yueqiao, He Youmin, Gao Yiwei, Zhou Qifa, and Chen Zhongping Scientific reports, 2016 Oct 20, Volume 6, p.35499, (2016) Full text PDF (1.38 MB)
Acoustic Radiation Force Optical Coherence Elastography of Corneal Tissue. Qu, Yueqiao, Ma Teng, He Youmin, Zhu Jiang, Dai Cuixia, Yu Mingyue, Huang Shenghai, Lu Fan, Shung Kirk K., Zhou Qifa, et al. IEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics : a publication of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-optics Society, 2016 May-Jun, Volume 22, Issue 3, (2016) Full text PDF (2.23 MB)
Activation of PKCα and PI3K Kinases in Hypertrophic and Nodular Port Wine Stain Lesions. Yin, Rong, Gao Lin, Tan Wenbin, Guo Wei, Zhao Tao, Nelson Jhon Stuart, and Wang Gang The American Journal of dermatopathology, 2016 Dec 20, (2016) Full text PDF (958.81 KB)
Anatomically correct visualization of the human upper airway using a high-speed long range optical coherence tomography system with an integrated positioning sensor. Jing, Joseph C., Chou Lidek, Su Erica, Wong Brian J. F., and Chen Zhongping Scientific reports, 2016 Dec 19, Volume 6, p.39443, (2016) Full text PDF (1019.3 KB)
Biomedical optics centers: forty years of multidisciplinary clinical translation for improving human health. Tromberg, Bruce J., Anderson Rox R., Birngruber Reginald, Brinkmann Ralf, Berns Michael W., Parrish John A., and Apiou-Sbirlea Gabriela Journal of biomedical optics, 2016 Dec 01, Volume 21, Issue 12, p.124001, (2016) Full text PDF (938.64 KB)
A case report of bullous pemphigoid associated with a melanoma and review of the literature. Amber, Kyle T., Panganiban Christine M., Korta Dorota, de Feraudy Sebastien, Kelly Kristen M., and Grando Sergei A. Melanoma research, 2016 Oct 18, (2016)