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A mathematical model for light dosimetry in photodynamic destruction of human endometrium. Tromberg, B. J., Svaasand L. O., Fehr M. K., Madsen S. J., Wyss P., Sansone B., and Tadir Y. Physics in medicine and biology, 1996 Feb, Volume 41, Issue 2, p.223-37, (1996)
Photosensitization of the rat endometrium following 5-aminolevulinic acid induced photodynamic therapy. Steiner, R. A., Tadir Y., Tromberg B. J., Krasieva T., Ghazains A. T., Wyss P., and Berns M. W. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 1996, Volume 18, Issue 3, p.301-8, (1996) Full text PDF (783.92 KB)
Physiological monitoring of optically trapped cells: assessing the effects of confinement by 1064-nm laser tweezers using microfluorometry. Liu, Y., Sonek G. J., Berns M. W., and Tromberg B. J. Biophysical journal, 1996 Oct, Volume 71, Issue 4, p.2158-67, (1996) Full text PDF (1.02 MB)
Selective photosensitizer localization in the human endometrium after intrauterine application of 5-aminolevulinic acid. Fehr, M. K., Wyss P., Tromberg B. J., Krasieva T., DiSaia P. J., Lin F., and Tadir Y. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 1996 Nov, Volume 175, Issue 5, p.1253-9, (1996) Full text PDF (1.39 MB)
Two-photon excited lifetime imaging of autofluorescence in cells during UVA and NIR photostress. König, K., So P. T., Mantulin W. W., Tromberg B. J., and Gratton E. Journal of microscopy, 1996 Sep, Volume 183, Issue Pt 3, p.197-204, (1996)
Frequency-domain photon migration measurements of normal and malignant tissue optical properties in a human subject. Fishkin, J. B., Coquoz O., Anderson E. R., Brenner M., and Tromberg B. J. Applied optics, 1997 Jan 1, Volume 36, Issue 1, p.10-20, (1997) Full text PDF (550.91 KB)
In vivo fluorescence detection of ovarian cancer in the NuTu-19 epithelial ovarian cancer animal model using 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). Major, A. L., Rose G. S., Chapman C. F., Hiserodt J. C., Tromberg B. J., Krasieva T. B., Tadir Y., Haller U., DiSaia P. J., and Berns M. W. Gynecologic oncology, 1997 Jul, Volume 66, Issue 1, p.122-32, (1997) Full text PDF (1.69 MB)
Methods in Cell BiologyMethods in Cell Biology Volume 55Chapter 5 Laser Scissors and Tweezers Berns, Michael W., Tadir Yona, Liang Hong, and Tromberg Bruce , Volume 55, p.71 - 98, (1997) Full text PDF (2.15 MB)
Non-invasive measurements of breast tissue optical properties using frequency-domain photon migration. Tromberg, B. J., Coquoz O., Fishkin J. B., Pham T., Anderson E. R., Butler J., Cahn M., Gross J. D., Venugopalan V., and Pham D. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 1997 Jun 29, Volume 352, Issue 1354, p.661-8, (1997) Full text PDF (570.42 KB)
Quantitative spectroscopic determination of hemoglobin concentration and saturation in a turbid medium: analysis of the effect of water absorption. Franceschini, Maria-Angela, Fantini Sergio, Cerussi Albert E., Barbieri Beniamino B., Chance Britton, and Gratton Enrico Journal of biomedical optics, 1997 Apr 1, Volume 2, Issue 2, p.147-153, (1997) Full text PDF (266.57 KB)
Highly selective targeting of ovarian cancer with the photosensitizer PEG-m-THPC in a rat model. Hornung, R., Fehr M. K., Monti-Frayne J., Krasieva T. B., Tromberg B. J., Berns M. W., and Tadir Y. Photochemistry and photobiology, 1999 Oct, Volume 70, Issue 4, p.624-9, (1999) Full text PDF (957.24 KB)
In vivo local determination of tissue optical properties: applications to human brain. Bevilacqua, F., Piguet D., Marquet P., Gross J. D., Tromberg B. J., and Depeursinge C. Applied optics, 1999 Aug 1, Volume 38, Issue 22, p.4939-50, (1999) Full text PDF (185.45 KB)
An indwelling brachytherapy balloon catheter: potential use as an intracranial light applicator for photodynamic therapy. Hirschberg, H., Madsen S., Lote K., Pham T., and Tromberg B. Journal of neuro-oncology, 1999 Aug, Volume 44, Issue 1, p.15-21, (1999)
Mapping the sensitivity of T cells with an optical trap: polarity and minimal number of receptors for Ca(2+) signaling. Wei, X., Tromberg B. J., and Cahalan M. D. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 1999 Jul 20, Volume 96, Issue 15, p.8471-6, (1999) Full text PDF (175.55 KB)
Minimally-invasive debulking of ovarian cancer in the rat pelvis by means of photodynamic therapy using the pegylated photosensitizer PEG-m-THPC. Hornung, R., Fehr M. K., Monti-Frayne J., Tromberg B. J., Berns M. W., and Tadir Y. British journal of cancer, 1999 Oct, Volume 81, Issue 4, p.631-7, (1999) Full text PDF (298.47 KB)
Quantitative near-infrared spectroscopy of cervical dysplasia in vivo. Hornung, R., Pham T. H., Keefe K. A., Berns M. W., Tadir Y., and Tromberg B. J. Human reproduction (Oxford, England), 1999 Nov, Volume 14, Issue 11, p.2908-16, (1999) Full text PDF (497.73 KB)
Reflectance measurements of layered media with diffuse photon-density waves: a potential tool for evaluating deep burns and subcutaneous lesions. Svaasand, L. O., Spott T., Fishkin J. B., Pham T., Tromberg B. J., and Berns M. W. Physics in medicine and biology, 1999 Mar, Volume 44, Issue 3, p.801-13, (1999)