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Hybrid diffusion and two-flux approximation for multilayered tissue light propagation modeling. Yudovsky, Dmitry, and Durkin Anthony J. Applied optics, 2011 Jul 20, Volume 50, Issue 21, p.4237-45, (2011) Full text PDF (4.15 MB)
Identification of cholesterol crystals in plaques of atherosclerotic mice using hyperspectral CARS imaging. Lim, Ryan S., Suhalim Jeffrey L., Miyazaki-Anzai Shinobu, Miyazaki Makoto, Levi Moshe, Potma Eric O., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of lipid research, 2011 Dec, Volume 52, Issue 12, p.2177-86, (2011) Full text PDF (1.79 MB)
IMAGING: Focusing light in scattering media. Konecky, Soren D., and Tromberg Bruce J. Nature Photonics, Volume 5, Issue March, (2011) Full text PDF (443.39 KB)
Imaging scattering orientation with spatial frequency domain imaging. Konecky, Soren D., Rice Tyler, Durkin Anthony J., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Dec, Volume 16, Issue 12, p.126001, (2011) Full text PDF (1.61 MB)
Imaging vibrating vocal folds with a high speed 1050 nm swept source OCT and ODT. Liu, Gangjun, Rubinstein Marc, Saidi Arya, Qi Wenjuan, Foulad Allen, Wong Brian, and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2011 Jun 6, Volume 19, Issue 12, p.11880-9, (2011) Full text PDF (4.28 MB)
Impact of contralateral and ipsilateral reference tissue selection on self-referencing differential spectroscopy for breast cancer detection. Leproux, Anaïs, Cerussi Albert E., Tanamai Wendy, Durkin Amanda F., Compton Montana, Gratton Enrico, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Nov, Volume 16, Issue 11, p.116019, (2011) Full text PDF (1.71 MB)
Impact of release dynamics of laser-irradiated polymer micropallets on the viability of selected adherent cells. Ma, Huan, Mismar Wael, Wang Yuli, Small Donald W., Ras Mat, Allbritton Nancy L., Sims Christopher E., and Venugopalan Vasan Journal of the Royal Society, Interface / the Royal Society, 2011 Dec 7, (2011) Full text PDF (1015.42 KB)
Integrated ultrasound and photoacoustic probe for co-registered intravascular imaging. Wei, Wei, Li Xiang, Zhou Qifa, Shung Kirk K., and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Oct, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.106001, (2011) Full text PDF (1.2 MB)
Intensity-based modified Doppler variance algorithm: application to phase instable and phase stable optical coherence tomography systems. Liu, Gangjun, Chou Lidek, Jia Wangcun, Qi Wenjuan, Choi Bernard, and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2011 Jun 6, Volume 19, Issue 12, p.11429-40, (2011) Full text PDF (1.26 MB)
Investigating in vivo airway wall mechanics during tidal breathing with optical coherence tomography. Robertson, Claire, Lee Sang-Won, Ahn Yeh-Chan, Mahon Sari, Chen Zhongping, Brenner Matthew, and George Steven C. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Oct, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.106011, (2011) Full text PDF (1.92 MB)
Laser speckle imaging in the spatial frequency domain. Mazhar, Amaan, Cuccia David J., Rice Tyler B., Carp Stefan A., Durkin Anthony J., Boas David A., Choi Bernard, and Tromberg Bruce J. Biomedical optics express, 2011 Jun 1, Volume 2, Issue 6, p.1553-63, (2011) Full text PDF (1.31 MB)
Method for depth-resolved quantitation of optical properties in layered media using spatially modulated quantitative spectroscopy. Saager, Rolf B., Truong Alex, Cuccia David J., and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jul, Volume 16, Issue 7, p.077002, (2011) Full text PDF (483.88 KB)
Mode-filtered large-core fiber for short-pulse delivery with reduced nonlinear effects. Moon, Sucbei, Liu Gangjun, and Chen Zhongping Optics letters, 2011 Sep 1, Volume 36, Issue 17, p.3362-4, (2011) Full text PDF (304.36 KB)
Multimodality approach to optical early detection and  mapping of oral neoplasia. Ahn, Yeh-Chan, Chung Jungrae, Wilder-Smith Petra, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jul, Volume 16, Issue 7, p.076007, (2011) Full text PDF (832.08 KB)
Multiphoton imaging of actin filament formation and mitochondrial energetics of human ACBT gliomas. Hwang, Yu-Jer, Kolettis Nomiki, Yang Miso, Gillard Elizabeth R., Sanchez Edgar, Sun Chung-Ho, Tromberg Bruce J., Krasieva Tatiana B., and Lyubovitsky Julia G. Photochemistry and photobiology, 2011 Mar-Apr, Volume 87, Issue 2, p.408-17, (2011) Full text PDF (748.04 KB)
Multiphoton microscopy system with a compact fiber-based femtosecond-pulse laser and handheld probe. Liu, Gangjun, Kieu Khanh, Wise Frank W., and Chen Zhongping Journal of biophotonics, 2011 Jan, Volume 4, Issue 1-2, p.34-9, (2011) Full text PDF (446.94 KB)
Multiphoton optical image guided spectroscopy method for characterization of collagen-based materials modified by glycation. Hwang, Yu-Jer, Granelli Joseph, and Lyubovitsky Julia G. Analytical chemistry, 2011 Jan 1, Volume 83, Issue 1, p.200-6, (2011) Full text PDF (6.61 MB)
Multispectral imaging of tissue absorption and scattering using spatial frequency domain imaging and a computed-tomography imaging spectrometer. Weber, Jessie R., Cuccia David J., Johnson William R., Bearman Gregory H., Durkin Anthony J., Hsu Mike, Lin Alexander, Binder Devin K., Wilson Dan, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jan-Feb, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.011015, (2011) Full text PDF (550.18 KB)
Nanometer-scale optical imaging of collagen fibers using gold nanoparticles. Chen, Bo, Estrada Laura C., Hellriegel Christian, and Gratton Enrico Biomedical optics express, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 3, p.511-9, (2011) Full text PDF (2.92 MB)
Needle Electrode-based Electromechanical Reshaping of Rabbit Septal Cartilage: A Systematic Evaluation. Wu, E. C., Protsenko D. E., Khan A. Z., Dubin S., Karimi K., and Wong B. J. F. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering, 2011 May 19, (2011) Full text PDF (627.29 KB)
Neuroendovascular optical coherence tomography imaging and histological analysis. Mathews, Marlon S., Su Jianping, Heidari Esmaeil, Levy Elad I., Linskey Mark E., and Chen Zhongping Neurosurgery, 2011 Aug, Volume 69, Issue 2, p.430-9, (2011) Full text PDF (4.78 MB)
Noninvasive assessment of burn wound severity using optical technology: a review of current and future modalities. Kaiser, Meghann, Yafi Amr, Cinat Marianne, Choi Bernard, and Durkin Anthony J. Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, 2011 May, Volume 37, Issue 3, p.377-86, (2011) Full text PDF (590 KB)
NON-INVASIVE MEASUREMENT OF DEEP TISSUE TEMPERATURE CHANGES CAUSED BY APOPTOSIS DURING BREAST CANCER NEOADJUVANT CHEMOTHERAPY: A CASE STUDY. Chung, So Hyun, Mehta Rita, Tromberg Bruce J., and Yodh Arjun G. Journal of innovative optical health sciences, 2011 Oct, Volume 4, Issue 4, p.361-372, (2011) Full text PDF (2.29 MB)
Novel combined miniature optical coherence tomography ultrasound probe for in vivo intravascular imaging. Yin, Jiechen, Li Xiang, Jing Joe, Li Jiawen, Mukai David, Mahon Sari, Edris Ahmad, Hoang Khiet, Shung Kirk K., Brenner Matthew, et al. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jun, Volume 16, Issue 6, p.060505, (2011) Full text PDF (400.82 KB)
Numerical optimization of sequential cryogen spray cooling and laser irradiation for improved therapy of port wine stain. Milanič, Matija, Jia Wangcun, Nelson Stuart J., and Majaron Boris Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2011 Feb, Volume 43, Issue 2, p.164-75, (2011) Full text PDF (2.5 MB)