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Nanometer-scale optical imaging of collagen fibers using gold nanoparticles. Chen, Bo, Estrada Laura C., Hellriegel Christian, and Gratton Enrico Biomedical optics express, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 3, p.511-9, (2011) Full text PDF (2.92 MB)
Needle Electrode-based Electromechanical Reshaping of Rabbit Septal Cartilage: A Systematic Evaluation. Wu, E. C., Protsenko D. E., Khan A. Z., Dubin S., Karimi K., and Wong B. J. F. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering, 2011 May 19, (2011) Full text PDF (627.29 KB)
Neuroendovascular optical coherence tomography imaging and histological analysis. Mathews, Marlon S., Su Jianping, Heidari Esmaeil, Levy Elad I., Linskey Mark E., and Chen Zhongping Neurosurgery, 2011 Aug, Volume 69, Issue 2, p.430-9, (2011) Full text PDF (4.78 MB)
Noninvasive assessment of burn wound severity using optical technology: a review of current and future modalities. Kaiser, Meghann, Yafi Amr, Cinat Marianne, Choi Bernard, and Durkin Anthony J. Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, 2011 May, Volume 37, Issue 3, p.377-86, (2011) Full text PDF (590 KB)
NON-INVASIVE MEASUREMENT OF DEEP TISSUE TEMPERATURE CHANGES CAUSED BY APOPTOSIS DURING BREAST CANCER NEOADJUVANT CHEMOTHERAPY: A CASE STUDY. Chung, So Hyun, Mehta Rita, Tromberg Bruce J., and Yodh Arjun G. Journal of innovative optical health sciences, 2011 Oct, Volume 4, Issue 4, p.361-372, (2011) Full text PDF (2.29 MB)
Novel combined miniature optical coherence tomography ultrasound probe for in vivo intravascular imaging. Yin, Jiechen, Li Xiang, Jing Joe, Li Jiawen, Mukai David, Mahon Sari, Edris Ahmad, Hoang Khiet, Shung Kirk K., Brenner Matthew, et al. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jun, Volume 16, Issue 6, p.060505, (2011) Full text PDF (400.82 KB)
Numerical optimization of sequential cryogen spray cooling and laser irradiation for improved therapy of port wine stain. Milanič, Matija, Jia Wangcun, Nelson Stuart J., and Majaron Boris Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2011 Feb, Volume 43, Issue 2, p.164-75, (2011) Full text PDF (2.5 MB)
Observations on enhanced port wine stain blanching induced by combined pulsed dye laser and rapamycin administration. Nelson, Stuart J., Jia Wangcun, Phung Thuy L., and Mihm Martin C. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2011 Dec, Volume 43, Issue 10, p.939-42, (2011) Full text PDF (290.33 KB)
Optical imaging of breast cancer oxyhemoglobin flare correlates with neoadjuvant chemotherapy response one day after starting treatment. Roblyer, Darren, Ueda Shigeto, Cerussi Albert, Tanamai Wendy, Durkin Amanda, Mehta Rita, Hsiang David, Butler John A., McLaren Christine, Chen Wen-Pin, et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2011 Aug 30, Volume 108, Issue 35, p.14626-31, (2011) Full text PDF (356.09 KB)
Photothermal ablation of malignant brain tumors by nanoparticle loaded macrophages Hirschberg, Henry, Baek Seung-Kuk, Kwon Young Jik, Sun Chung-Ho, and Madsen Steen J. SPIE BiOSPhotonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics VII, Volume 7883, San Francisco, California, p.78833U - 78833U-10, (2011) Full text PDF (795.63 KB)
Photothermal treatment of glioma; an in vitro study of macrophage-mediated delivery of gold nanoshells. Baek, Seung-Kuk, Makkouk Amani Riad, Krasieva Tatiana, Sun Chung-Ho, Madsen Steen J., and Hirschberg Henry Journal of neuro-oncology, 2011 Jan 9, (2011) Full text PDF (571.33 KB)
Picosecond spectral coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging with principal component analysis of meibomian glands. Lin, Chia-Yu, Suhalim Jeffrey L., Nien Chyong Ly, Miljković Milos D., Diem Max, Jester James V., and Potma Eric O. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Feb, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.021104, (2011) Full text PDF (617.47 KB)
Polarization-maintaining buffered Fourier domain mode-locked swept source for optical coherence tomography. Zhang, Jun, Jing Joe, Wang Pinghe, and Chen Zhongping Optics letters, 2011 Dec 15, Volume 36, Issue 24, p.4788-90, (2011) Full text PDF (1.56 MB)
Porcine cartilage model for simulation of nasal tip aesthetics and mechanics. Chark, Davin, Oliaei Sepehr, Manuel Cyrus, and Wong Brian J. Aesthetic surgery journal / the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery, 2011 Jul, Volume 31, Issue 5, p.501-5, (2011) Full text PDF (505.34 KB)
Postoperative quantitative assessment of reconstructive tissue status in a cutaneous flap model using spatial frequency domain imaging. Yafi, Amr, Vetter Thomas S., Scholz Thomas, Patel Sarin, Saager Rolf B., Cuccia David J., Evans Gregory R., and Durkin Anthony J. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 2011 Jan, Volume 127, Issue 1, p.117-30, (2011) Full text PDF (6.05 MB)
Practical device for precise cutting of costal cartilage grafts to uniform thickness. Foulad, Allen, Manuel Cyrus, and Wong Brian J. F. Archives of facial plastic surgery : official publication for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc. and the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies, 2011 Jul-Aug, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.259-65, (2011) Full text PDF (1.87 MB)
Pre-corneal tear film thickness in humans measured with a novel technique. Azartash, Kaveh, Kwan Justin, Paugh Jerry R., Nguyen Andrew Loc, Jester James V., and Gratton Enrico Molecular vision, 2011, Volume 17, p.756-67, (2011) Full text PDF (1.6 MB)
Quantification of airway thickness changes in smoke-inhalation injury using in-vivo 3-D endoscopic frequency-domain optical coherence tomography. Lee, Sang-Won, Heidary Andrew E., Yoon David, Mukai David, Ramalingam Tirunelveli, Mahon Sari, Yin Jiechen, Jing Joseph, Liu Gangjun, Chen Zhongping, et al. Biomedical optics express, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2, p.243-54, (2011) Full text PDF (1.13 MB)
Quantitative determination of dynamical properties using coherent spatial frequency domain imaging. Rice, Tyler B., Konecky Soren D., Mazhar Amaan, Cuccia David J., Durkin Anthony J., Choi Bernard, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision, 2011 Oct 1, Volume 28, Issue 10, p.2108-14, (2011) Full text PDF (756.33 KB)
Quantitative fluorescence imaging of protoporphyrin IX through determination of tissue optical properties in the spatial frequency domain. Saager, Rolf B., Cuccia David J., Saggese Steve, Kelly Kristen M., and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Dec, Volume 16, Issue 12, p.126013, (2011) Full text PDF (908.35 KB)
Raman spectra of long chain hydrocarbons: anharmonic calculations, experiment and implications for imaging of biomembranes. Šebek, Jiří, Pele Liat, Potma Eric O., and Gerber Benny R. Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 2011 Jul 28, Volume 13, Issue 28, p.12724-33, (2011) Full text PDF (2.15 MB)
Rapid point of care analyzer for the measurement of cyanide in blood. Ma, Jian, Ohira Shin-Ichi, Mishra Santosh K., Puanngam Mahitti, Dasgupta Purnendu K., Mahon Sari B., Brenner Matthew, Blackledge William, and Boss Gerry R. Analytical chemistry, 2011 Jun 1, Volume 83, Issue 11, p.4319-24, (2011) Full text PDF (918.34 KB)
Rapid vibrational imaging with sum frequency generation microscopy. Raghunathan, Varun, Han Yang, Korth Olaf, Ge Nien-Hui, and Potma Eric Olaf Optics letters, 2011 Oct 1, Volume 36, Issue 19, p.3891-3, (2011) Full text PDF (319.99 KB)
Real-time blood flow visualization using the graphics processing unit. Yang, Owen, Cuccia David, and Choi Bernard Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jan-Feb, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.016009, (2011) Full text PDF (881.86 KB)