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Quantification of airway thickness changes in smoke-inhalation injury using in-vivo 3-D endoscopic frequency-domain optical coherence tomography. Lee, Sang-Won, Heidary Andrew E., Yoon David, Mukai David, Ramalingam Tirunelveli, Mahon Sari, Yin Jiechen, Jing Joseph, Liu Gangjun, Chen Zhongping, et al. Biomedical optics express, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2, p.243-54, (2011) Full text PDF (1.13 MB)
Quantitative determination of dynamical properties using coherent spatial frequency domain imaging. Rice, Tyler B., Konecky Soren D., Mazhar Amaan, Cuccia David J., Durkin Anthony J., Choi Bernard, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision, 2011 Oct 1, Volume 28, Issue 10, p.2108-14, (2011) Full text PDF (756.33 KB)
Quantitative fluorescence imaging of protoporphyrin IX through determination of tissue optical properties in the spatial frequency domain. Saager, Rolf B., Cuccia David J., Saggese Steve, Kelly Kristen M., and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Dec, Volume 16, Issue 12, p.126013, (2011) Full text PDF (908.35 KB)
Raman spectra of long chain hydrocarbons: anharmonic calculations, experiment and implications for imaging of biomembranes. Šebek, Jiří, Pele Liat, Potma Eric O., and Gerber Benny R. Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 2011 Jul 28, Volume 13, Issue 28, p.12724-33, (2011) Full text PDF (2.15 MB)
Rapid point of care analyzer for the measurement of cyanide in blood. Ma, Jian, Ohira Shin-Ichi, Mishra Santosh K., Puanngam Mahitti, Dasgupta Purnendu K., Mahon Sari B., Brenner Matthew, Blackledge William, and Boss Gerry R. Analytical chemistry, 2011 Jun 1, Volume 83, Issue 11, p.4319-24, (2011) Full text PDF (918.34 KB)
Rapid vibrational imaging with sum frequency generation microscopy. Raghunathan, Varun, Han Yang, Korth Olaf, Ge Nien-Hui, and Potma Eric Olaf Optics letters, 2011 Oct 1, Volume 36, Issue 19, p.3891-3, (2011) Full text PDF (319.99 KB)
Real-time blood flow visualization using the graphics processing unit. Yang, Owen, Cuccia David, and Choi Bernard Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Jan-Feb, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.016009, (2011) Full text PDF (881.86 KB)
Real-time bulk-motion-correction free Doppler variance optical coherence tomography for choroidal capillary vasculature imaging. Liu, Gangjun, Qi Wenjuan, Yu Lingfeng, and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2011 Feb 14, Volume 19, Issue 4, p.3657-66, (2011) Full text PDF (855.17 KB)
Recent advances in optical coherence tomography for the diagnoses of lung disorders. Hou, Randy, Le Tho, Murgu Septimiu D., Chen Zhongping, and Brenner Matt Expert review of respiratory medicine, 2011 Oct, Volume 5, Issue 5, p.711-24, (2011) Full text PDF (2.73 MB)
Remote multi-color excitation using femtosecond propagating surface plasmon polaritons in gold films. Wang, Yong, Liu Xuejun, Whitmore Desiré, Xing Wendong, and Potma Eric O. Optics express, 2011 Jul 4, Volume 19, Issue 14, p.13454-63, (2011) Full text PDF (1011.87 KB)
Role of PDZK1 protein in apical membrane expression of renal sodium-coupled phosphate transporters. Giral, Hector, Lanzano Luca, Caldas Yupanqui, Blaine Judith, Verlander Jill W., Lei Tim, Gratton Enrico, and Levi Moshe The Journal of biological chemistry, 2011 Apr 29, Volume 286, Issue 17, p.15032-42, (2011) Full text PDF (2.7 MB)
Sequential shrink photolithography for plastic microlens arrays. Dyer, David, Shreim Samir, Jayadev Shreshta, Lew Valerie, Botvinick Elliot, and Khine Michelle Applied physics letters, 2011 Jul 18, Volume 99, Issue 3, p.34102-341023, (2011) Full text PDF (1.08 MB)
Shrink-film configurable multiscale wrinkles for functional alignment of human embryonic stem cells and their cardiac derivatives. Chen, Aaron, Lieu Deborah K., Freschauf Lauren, Lew Valerie, Sharma Himanshu, Wang Jiaxian, Nguyen Diep, Karakikes Ioannis, Hajjar Roger J., Gopinathan Ajay, et al. Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 2011 Dec 22, Volume 23, Issue 48, p.5785-91, (2011) Full text PDF (1.58 MB)
Spatial frequency domain imaging of intrinsic optical property contrast in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Lin, Alexander J., Koike Maya A., Green Kim N., Kim Jae G., Mazhar Amaan, Rice Tyler B., LaFerla Frank M., and Tromberg Bruce J. Annals of biomedical engineering, 2011 Apr, Volume 39, Issue 4, p.1349-57, (2011) Full text PDF (651.32 KB)
Spatial frequency domain spectroscopy of two layer media. Yudovsky, Dmitry, and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2011 Oct, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.107005, (2011) Full text PDF (4.75 MB)
Surface-mediated four-wave mixing of nanostructures with counterpropagating surface plasmon polaritons. Liu, Xuejun, Wang Yong, and Potma Eric Olaf Optics letters, 2011 Jun 15, Volume 36, Issue 12, p.2348-50, (2011) Full text PDF (289.76 KB)
Survival of chondrocytes in rabbit septal cartilage after electromechanical reshaping. Protsenko, Dmitry E., Ho Kevin, and Wong Brian J. F. Annals of biomedical engineering, 2011 Jan, Volume 39, Issue 1, p.66-74, (2011) Full text PDF (808.52 KB)
Use of lasers in acute management of surgical and traumatic incisions on the face. Oliaei, Sepehr, Nelson Stuart J., Fitzpatrick Richard, and Wong Brian J. Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America, 2011 Aug, Volume 19, Issue 3, p.543-50, (2011) Full text PDF (681.79 KB)
VEGF internalization is not required for VEGFR-2 phosphorylation in bioengineered surfaces with covalently linked VEGF. Anderson, Sean M., Shergill Bhupinder, Barry Zachary T., Manousiouthakis Eleana, Chen Tom T., Botvinick Elliot, Platt Manu O., Iruela-Arispe Luisa M., and Segura Tatiana Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro, 2011 Sep, Volume 3, Issue 9, p.887-96, (2011) Full text PDF (2.7 MB)
Wide-field functional imaging of blood flow and hemoglobin oxygen saturation in the rodent dorsal window chamber. Moy, Austin J., White Sean M., Indrawan Elmer S., Lotfi Justin, Nudelman Matthew J., Costantini Samantha J., Agarwal Nikita, Jia Wangcun, Kelly Kristen M., Sorg Brian S., et al. Microvascular research, 2011 Nov, Volume 82, Issue 3, p.199-209, (2011) Full text PDF (2.4 MB)
Ability of optical coherence tomography to detect caries beneath commonly used dental sealants. Holtzman, Jennifer S., Osann Kathryn, Pharar Jessica, Lee Kenneth, Ahn Yeh-Chan, Tucker Travis, Sabet Sharareh, Chen Zhongping, Gukasyan Ripsik, and Wilder-Smith Petra Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2010 Oct, Volume 42, Issue 8, p.752-9, (2010) Full text PDF (194.69 KB)
Analysis of DNA double-strand break response and chromatin structure in mitosis using laser microirradiation. Gomez-Godinez, Veronica, Wu Tao, Sherman Adria J., Lee Christopher S., Liaw Lih-Huei, Zhongsheng You, Yokomori Kyoko, and Berns Michael W. Nucleic acids research, 2010 Dec 1, Volume 38, Issue 22, p.e202, (2010) Full text PDF (15.39 MB)
Applications of a new In vivo tumor spheroid based shell-less chorioallantoic membrane 3-D model in bioengineering research. De Magalhães, Nzola, Liaw Lih-Huei L., Berns Michael, Cristini Vittorio, Chen Zhongping, Stupack Dwayne, and Lowengrub John Journal of biomedical science and engineering, 2010 Jan 1, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.20-26, (2010) Full text PDF (669.18 KB)
Bimetallic nanopetals for thousand-fold fluorescence enhancements Fu, Chi-Cheng, Ossato Giulia, Long Maureen, Digman Michelle A., Gopinathan Ajay, Lee Luke P., Gratton Enrico, and Khine Michelle Applied Physics Letters, Volume 3, (2010) Full text PDF (703.04 KB)
A biological global positioning system: considerations for tracking stem cell behaviors in the whole body. Li, Shengwen Calvin, Tachiki Lisa May Ling, Luo Jane, Dethlefs Brent A., Chen Zhongping, and Loudon William G. Stem cell reviews, 2010 Jun, Volume 6, Issue 2, p.317-33, (2010) Full text PDF (761.28 KB)