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Ability of optical coherence tomography to detect caries beneath commonly used dental sealants. Holtzman, Jennifer S., Osann Kathryn, Pharar Jessica, Lee Kenneth, Ahn Yeh-Chan, Tucker Travis, Sabet Sharareh, Chen Zhongping, Gukasyan Ripsik, and Wilder-Smith Petra Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2010 Oct, Volume 42, Issue 8, p.752-9, (2010) Full text PDF (194.69 KB)
Applications of a new In vivo tumor spheroid based shell-less chorioallantoic membrane 3-D model in bioengineering research. De Magalhães, Nzola, Liaw Lih-Huei L., Berns Michael, Cristini Vittorio, Chen Zhongping, Stupack Dwayne, and Lowengrub John Journal of biomedical science and engineering, 2010 Jan 1, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.20-26, (2010) Full text PDF (669.18 KB)
A biological global positioning system: considerations for tracking stem cell behaviors in the whole body. Li, Shengwen Calvin, Tachiki Lisa May Ling, Luo Jane, Dethlefs Brent A., Chen Zhongping, and Loudon William G. Stem cell reviews, 2010 Jun, Volume 6, Issue 2, p.317-33, (2010) Full text PDF (761.28 KB)
Combined multimodal optical imaging and targeted gene silencing using stimuli-transforming nanotheragnostics. Shim, Min Suk, Kim Chang Soo, Ahn Yeh-Chan, Chen Zhongping, and Kwon Young Jik Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010 Jun 23, Volume 132, Issue 24, p.8316-24, (2010) Full text PDF (1.92 MB)
Detection of vesicant-induced upper airway mucosa damage in the hamster cheek pouch model using optical coherence tomography. Hammer-Wilson, Marie J., Nguyen Vi, Jung Woong-Gyu, Ahn Yehchen, Chen Zhongping, and Wilder-Smith Petra Journal of biomedical optics, 2010 Jan-Feb, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.016017, (2010) Full text PDF (257.96 KB)
Doppler variance imaging for three-dimensional retina and choroid angiography. Yu, Lingfeng, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2010 Jan-Feb, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.016029, (2010) Full text PDF (930.14 KB)
A dual-modality probe utilizing intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography for intravascular imaging applications. Yang, Hao-Chung, Yin Jiechen, Hu Changhong, Cannata Jonathan, Zhou Qifa, Zhang Jun, Chen Zhongping, and Shung Kirk K. IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control, 2010 Dec, Volume 57, Issue 12, p.2839-43, (2010) Full text PDF (1.58 MB)
Efficient and facile delivery of gold nanoparticles in vivo using dissolvable microneedles for contrast-enhanced optical coherence tomography. Kim, Chang Soo, Ahn Yeh-Chan, Wilder-Smith Petra, Oh Seajin, Chen Zhongping, and Kwon Young Jik Biomedical optics express, 2010, Volume 1, Issue 1, p.106-113, (2010) Full text PDF (1.1 MB)
Fiber delivered probe for efficient CARS imaging of tissues. Balu, Mihaela, Liu Gangjun, Chen Zhongping, Tromberg Bruce J., and Potma Eric O. Optics express, 2010 Feb 1, Volume 18, Issue 3, p.2380-8, (2010) Full text PDF (1.3 MB)
High-resolution coregistered intravascular imaging with integrated ultrasound and optical coherence tomography probe. Li, Xiang, Yin Jiechen, Hu Changhong, Zhou Qifa, Shung Kirk K., and Chen Zhongping Applied physics letters, 2010 Sep 27, Volume 97, Issue 13, p.133702, (2010) Full text PDF (1.69 MB)
Integrated intravascular optical coherence tomography ultrasound imaging system. Yin, Jiechen, Yang Hao-Chung, Li Xiang, Zhang Jun, Zhou Qifa, Hu Changhong, Shung Kirk K., and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2010 Jan-Feb, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.010512, (2010) Full text PDF (248.9 KB)
Manufacture of IRDye800CW-coupled Fe3O4 nanoparticles and their applications in cell labeling and in vivo imaging. Hou, Yong, Liu Yingxun, Chen Zhongping, Gu Ning, and Wang Jinke Journal of nanobiotechnology, 2010, Volume 8, p.25, (2010) Full text PDF (2.83 MB)
Optical coherence tomography of the larynx using the Niris system. Rubinstein, Marc, Fine Esther L., Sepehr Ali, Armstrong William B., Crumley Roger L., Kim Jason H., Chen Zhongping, and Wong Brian J. F. Journal of otolaryngology - head & neck surgery = Le Journal d'oto-rhino-laryngologie et de chirurgie cervico-faciale, 2010 Apr, Volume 39, Issue 2, p.150-6, (2010) Full text PDF (1.28 MB)
Preliminary investigation on use of high-resolution optical coherence tomography to monitor injury and repair in the rat sciatic nerve. Chlebicki, Cara A., Lee Alice D., Jung Woonggyu, Li Hongrui, Liaw Lih-Huei, Chen Zhongping, and Wong Brian J. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2010 Apr, Volume 42, Issue 4, p.306-12, (2010) Full text PDF (1.36 MB)
Reference spectrum extraction and fixed-pattern noise removal in optical coherence tomography. Moon, Sucbei, Lee Sang-Won, and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2010 Nov 22, Volume 18, Issue 24, p.24395-404, (2010) Full text PDF (1.01 MB)
Semi-resonant operation of a fiber-cantilever piezotube scanner for stable optical coherence tomography endoscope imaging. Moon, Sucbei, Lee Sang-Won, Rubinstein Marc, Wong Brian J. F., and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2010 Sep 27, Volume 18, Issue 20, p.21183-97, (2010) Full text PDF (2.1 MB)
Spectral Doppler optical coherence tomography imaging of localized ischemic stroke in a mouse model. Yu, Lingfeng, Nguyen Elaine, Liu Gangjun, Choi Bernard, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2010 Nov-Dec, Volume 15, Issue 6, p.066006, (2010) Full text PDF (550.48 KB)
Three-dimensional optical coherence tomography imaging of retinal sheet implants in live rats. Seiler, Magdalene J., Rao Bin, Aramant Robert B., Yu Lingfeng, Wang Qiang, Kitayama Eric, Pham Sylvia, Yan Fengrong, Chen Zhongping, and Keirstead Hans S. Journal of neuroscience methods, 2010 May 15, Volume 188, Issue 2, p.250-7, (2010) Full text PDF (4 MB)
Three-dimensional speckle suppression in Optical Coherence Tomography based on the curvelet transform. Jian, Zhongping, Yu Lingfeng, Rao Bin, Tromberg Bruce J., and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2010 Jan 18, Volume 18, Issue 2, p.1024-32, (2010) Full text PDF (2.65 MB)
Ultrawideband photonic crystal fiber coupler for multiband optical imaging system. Ryu, Seon Young, Choi Hae Young, Choi Eun Seo, Tomov Ivan, Chen Zhongping, and Lee Byeong Ha Applied optics, 2010 Apr 01, Volume 49, Issue 10, p.1986-90, (2010)
Velocity variation assessment of red blood cell aggregation with spectral domain Doppler optical coherence tomography. Xu, Xiangqun, Yu Lingfeng, and Chen Zhongping Annals of biomedical engineering, 2010 Oct, Volume 38, Issue 10, p.3210-7, (2010) Full text PDF (536.49 KB)