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SPIE Proceedings - A practical optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy prototype using a 300 mW visible laser diode Zeng, Lvming, Piao Zhonglie, Huang Shenghai, Jia Wangcun, and Chen Zhongping SPIE BiOSPhotons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2016, Volume 9708, San Francisco, California, United States, p.97084T, (2016) Full text PDF (428.1 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - From theory to practice: the broadening role of polydimethylsiloxane phantoms as an intermediary between model validation and instrument performance testing (Conference Presentation) Saager, Rolf B., Quach Alan, Kennedy Gordon T., Tromberg Bruce J., and Durkin Anthony J. SPIE BiOSDesign and Quality for Biomedical Technologies IX, Volume 9700, San Francisco, California, United States, p.97000G, (2016) Full text PDF (111.03 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - Increasing the efficacy of antitumor glioma vaccines by photodynamic therapy and local injection of allogeneic glioma cells Christie, Catherine E., Peng Qian, Madsen Steen J., Uzal Francisco A., and Hirschberg Henry SPIE BiOSClinical and Translational Neurophotonics; Neural Imaging and Sensing; and Optogenetics and Optical Manipulation, Volume 9690, San Francisco, California, United States, p.96900D, (2016) Full text PDF (385.38 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - Large field of view multiphoton microscopy of human skin Balu, Mihaela, Mikami Hideharu, Hou Jue, Potma Eric O., and Tromberg Bruce J. SPIE BiOSMultiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XVI, Volume 9712, San Francisco, California, United States, p.97121F, (2016)
SPIE Proceedings - Low-cost tissue simulating phantoms with tunable, wavelength-dependent scattering properties (Conference Presentation) Saager, Rolf B., Quach Alan, Rowland Rebecca A., Baldado Melissa L., Ponticorvo Adrien, and Durkin Anthony J. SPIE BiOSDesign and Quality for Biomedical Technologies IX, Volume 9700, San Francisco, California, United States, p.970005, (2016) Full text PDF (111.74 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - Multimode optical dermoscopy (SkinSpect) analysis for skin with melanocytic nevus Vasefi, Fartash, Mackinnon Nicholas, Saager Rolf, Kelly Kristen M., Maly Tyler, Chave Robert, Booth Nicholas, Durkin Anthony J., and Farkas Daniel L. SPIE BiOSImaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues IX, Volume 9711, San Francisco, California, United States, p.971110, (2016) Full text PDF (725.24 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - Optical coherence tomography imaging to analyze biofilm thickness from distal to proximal regions of the endotracheal tubes Dunn, Robert E., Heidari Andrew E., Moghaddam Samer, Zhang Mengke, Han Changhoon, Oh Kyung-Jin, Leven Steve, Brenner Matthew, Genberg Carl, and Chen Zhongping SPIE BiOSEndoscopic Microscopy XI; and Optical Techniques in Pulmonary Medicine III, Volume 9691, San Francisco, California, United States, p.96911G, (2016) Full text PDF (689.48 KB)
SPIE Proceedings - Quantitative long term measurements of burns in a rat model using spatial frequency domain imaging and laser speckle imaging (Conference Presentation) Ponticorvo, Adrien, Rowland Rebecca A., Baldado Melissa L., Kennedy Gordon T., Saager Rolf B., Choi Bernard, and Durkin Anthony J. SPIE BiOSImaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues IX, Volume 9711, San Francisco, California, United States, p.971102, (2016)
Stimulated Raman Scattering: From Bulk to Nano. Prince, Richard C., Frontiera Renee R., and Potma Eric O. Chemical reviews, 2016 Dec 14, (2016) Full text PDF (4.27 MB)
Surface-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman imaging of lipids. Fast, Alexander, Kenison John P., Syme Christopher D., and Potma Eric O. Applied optics, 2016 Aug 1, Volume 55, Issue 22, p.5994-6000, (2016) Full text PDF (642.35 KB)
Synergistic chemotherapy by combined moderate hyperthermia and photochemical internalization. Christie, Catherine, Molina Stephanie, Gonzales Jonathan, Berg Kristian, Nair Rohit Kumar, Huynh Khoi, Madsen Steen J., and Hirschberg Henry Biomedical optics express, 2016 Apr 1, Volume 7, Issue 4, p.1240-50, (2016) Full text PDF (1.52 MB)
Targeting cancer metabolism by simultaneously disrupting parallel nutrient access pathways. Kim, Seong M., Roy Saurabh G., Chen Bin, Nguyen Tiffany M., McMonigle Ryan J., McCracken Alison N., Zhang Yanling, Kofuji Satoshi, Hou Jue, Selwan Elizabeth, et al. The Journal of clinical investigation, 2016 Nov 01, Volume 126, Issue 11, p.4088-4102, (2016) Full text PDF (4.21 MB)
Three-Dimensional Adult Cardiac Extracellular Matrix Promotes Maturation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes. Fong, Ashley H., Romero-López Mónica, Heylman Christopher M., Keating Mark, Tran David, Sobrino Agua, Tran Anh Q., Pham Hiep H., Fimbres Cristhian, Gershon Paul D., et al. Tissue engineering. Part A, 2016 Aug, Volume 22, Issue 15-16, p.1016-25, (2016) Full text PDF (792.27 KB)
Visualization of microbleeds with optical histology in mouse model of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Lo, Patrick, Crouzet Christian, Vasilevko Vitaly, and Choi Bernard Microvascular research, 2016 May, Volume 105, p.109-13, (2016) Full text PDF (1011.81 KB)
Acute discrimination between superficial-partial and deep-partial thickness burns in a preclinical model with laser speckle imaging. Crouzet, Christian, Nguyen John Quan, Ponticorvo Adrien, Bernal Nicole P., Durkin Anthony J., and Choi Bernard Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, 2015 Mar 23, (2015) Full text PDF (2.18 MB)
Automatic airway wall segmentation and thickness measurement for long-range optical coherence tomography images. Qi, Li, Huang Shenghai, Heidari Andrew E., Dai Cuixia, Zhu Jiang, Zhang Xuping, and Chen Zhongping Optics express, 2015 Dec 28, Volume 23, Issue 26, p.33992-4006, (2015)
Cell and brain tissue imaging of the flavonoid fisetin using label-free two-photon microscopy. Krasieva, Tatiana B., Ehren Jennifer, O'Sullivan Thomas, Tromberg Bruce J., and Maher Pamela Neurochemistry international, 2015 Aug 10, (2015) Full text PDF (3.16 MB)
Cerebral and Muscle Tissue Oxygenation During Incremental Cycling in Male Adolescents Measured by Time-Resolved NIRS. Ganesan, Goutham, Leu Szu-Yun, Cerussi Albert, Tromberg Bruce, Cooper Dan M., and Galassetti Pietro Pediatric exercise science, 2015 Oct 9, (2015)
Characterization of nonmelanoma skin cancer for light therapy using spatial frequency domain imaging. Rohrbach, Daniel J., Zeitouni Nathalie C., Muffoletto Daniel, Saager Rolf, Tromberg Bruce J., and Sunar Ulas Biomedical optics express, 2015 May 1, Volume 6, Issue 5, p.1761-6, (2015)
Characterizing low fluence thresholds for in vitro photodynamic therapy. Hartl, Brad A., Hirschberg Henry, Marcu Laura, and Cherry Simon R. Biomedical optics express, 2015 Mar 1, Volume 6, Issue 3, p.770-9, (2015) Full text PDF (3.58 MB)
Combination of low level light therapy and nitrosyl-cobinamide accelerates wound healing. Spitler, Ryan, Ho Hsiang, Norpetlian Frederique, Kong Xiangduo, Jiang Jingjing, Yokomori Kyoko, Andersen Bogi, Boss Gerry R., and Berns Michael W. Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 May 1, Volume 20, Issue 5, p.51022, (2015) Full text PDF (2.61 MB)
Correction: Sucrose Monoester Micelles Size Determined by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS). Sanchez, Susana A., Gratton Enrico, Zanocco Antonio L., Lemp Else, and Gunther German PloS one, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 4, p.e0125123, (2015)
Detection and proportion of very early dental caries in independent living older adults. Holtzman, Jennifer S., Kohanchi Daniel, Biren-Fetz John, Fontana Margherita, Ramchandani Manisha, Osann Kathryn, Hallajian Lucy, Mansour Stephanie, Nabelsi Tasneem, Chung Na Eun, et al. Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2015 Nov, Volume 47, Issue 9, p.683-8, (2015) Full text PDF (407.06 KB)
Differential pathlength factor informs evoked stimulus response in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Lin, Alexander J., Ponticorvo Adrien, Durkin Anthony J., Venugopalan Vasan, Choi Bernard, and Tromberg Bruce J. Neurophotonics, 10/2015, Volume 2, Issue 4, p.045001, (2015)
Distinct mechanisms regulating mechanical force-induced Ca²⁺ signals at the plasma membrane and the ER in human MSCs. Kim, Tae-Jin, Joo Chirlmin, Seong Jihye, Vafabakhsh Reza, Botvinick Elliot L., Berns Michael W., Palmer Amy E., Wang Ning, Ha Taekjip, Jakobsson Eric, et al. eLife, 2015, Volume 4, p.e04876, (2015) Full text PDF (1.46 MB)