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Coupled forward-adjoint Monte Carlo simulation of spatial-angular light fields to determine optical sensitivity in turbid media. Gardner, Adam R., Hayakawa Carole K., and Venugopalan Vasan Journal of biomedical optics, 2014 Jun 1, Volume 19, Issue 6, p.65003, (2014) Full text PDF (603.69 KB)
A Critical Evaluation of Human Perception in Conventional Flap Monitoring Versus Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging. Rimler, Jonathan, Ponticorvo Adrien, Taydas Eren, Mazhar Amaan, Scholz Thomas, Ellstrom Christopher L., Tong June, Evans Gregory R. D., Cuccia David J., and Durkin Anthony J. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 2014 Oct, Volume 134, Issue 4S-1 Suppl, p.73, (2014) Full text PDF (97.47 KB)
CtIP Maintains Stability at Common Fragile Sites and Inverted Repeats by End Resection-Independent Endonuclease Activity. Wang, Hailong, Li Yongjiang, Truong Lan N., Shi Linda Z., Hwang Patty Yi-Hwa, He Jing, Do Johnny, Cho Michael Jeffrey, Li Hongzhi, Negrete Alejandro, et al. Molecular cell, 2014 May 14, (2014) Full text PDF (2.55 MB)
Cyanide toxicokinetics: the behavior of cyanide, thiocyanate and 2-amino-2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid in multiple animal models. Bhandari, Raj K., Oda Robert P., Petrikovics Ilona, Thompson David E., Brenner Matthew, Mahon Sari B., Bebarta Vikhyat S., Rockwood Gary A., and Logue Brian A. Journal of analytical toxicology, 2014 May, Volume 38, Issue 4, p.218-25, (2014) Full text PDF (497.19 KB)
A deep tissue fluorescence imaging system with enhanced SHG detection capabilities. Crosignani, Viera, Jahid Sohail, Dvornikov Alexander S., and Gratton Enrico Microscopy research and technique, 2014 May, Volume 77, Issue 5, p.368-73, (2014) Full text PDF (487.09 KB)
Determination of motility forces on isolated chromosomes with laser tweezers. Khatibzadeh, Nima, Stilgoe Alexander B., Bui Ann A. M., Rocha Yesenia, Cruz Gladys M., Loke Vince, Shi Linda Z., Nieminen Timo A., Rubinsztein-Dunlop Halina, and Berns Michael W. Scientific reports, 2014, Volume 4, p.6866, (2014) Full text PDF (747.03 KB)
Development of a fluorescence-based sensor for rapid diagnosis of cyanide exposure. Jackson, Randy, Oda Robert P., Bhandari Raj K., Mahon Sari B., Brenner Matthew, Rockwood Gary A., and Logue Brian A. Analytical chemistry, 2014 Feb 4, Volume 86, Issue 3, p.1845-52, (2014) Full text PDF (2.1 MB)
Distinct functions of human cohesin-SA1 and cohesin-SA2 in double-strand break repair. Kong, Xiangduo, Ball Alexander R., Pham Hoang Xuan, Zeng Weihua, Chen Hsiao-Yuan, Schmiesing John A., Kim Jong-Soo, Berns Michael, and Yokomori Kyoko Molecular and cellular biology, 2014 Feb, Volume 34, Issue 4, p.685-98, (2014) Full text PDF (4.5 MB)
Distinguishing between benign and malignant melanocytic nevi by in vivo multiphoton microscopy. Balu, Mihaela, Kelly Kristen M., Zachary Christopher B., Harris Ronald M., Krasieva Tatiana B., Konig Karsten, Durkin Anthony J., and Tromberg Bruce J. Cancer research, 2014 Mar 31, (2014) Full text PDF (942.18 KB)
DNA Damage to a single chromosome end delays anaphase onset. Alcaraz Silva, Barbara, Stambaugh Jessica R., Yokomori Kyoko, Shah Jagesh V., and Berns Michael W. The Journal of biological chemistry, 2014 Jun 30, (2014) Full text PDF (5.2 MB)
Dorsal nasal mucocele: a delayed complication of rhinoplasty. Tracy, Lauren E., Badran Karam, Siaghani Parwiz, and Wong Brian J. Aesthetic plastic surgery, 2014 Feb, Volume 38, Issue 1, p.100-3, (2014) Full text PDF (569.03 KB)
Early Surgical Decompression Restores Neurovascular Blood Flow and Ischemic Parameters in an in Vivo Animal Model of Nerve Compression Injury. Jung, James, Hahn Peter, Choi Bernard, Mozaffar Tahseen, and Gupta Ranjan The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume, 2014 Jun 4, Volume 96, Issue 11, p.897-906, (2014) Full text PDF (2.13 MB)
Effect of Blood Flow Restriction on Tissue Oxygenation during Knee Extension. Ganesan, Goutham, Cotter Joshua A., Reuland Warren, Cerussi Albert E., Tromberg Bruce J., and Galassetti Pietro Medicine and science in sports and exercise, 2014 May 27, (2014) Full text PDF (3.08 MB)
Effect of desiccating stress on mouse meibomian gland function. Suhalim, Jeffrey L., Parfitt Geraint J., Xie Yilu, De Pavia Cintia S., Pflugfelder Stephen C., Shah Tejas N., Potma Eric O., Brown Donald J., and Jester James V. The ocular surface, 2014 Jan, Volume 12, Issue 1, p.59-68, (2014) Full text PDF (2.07 MB)
The Effect of pH on Rabbit Septal Cartilage Shape Change: Exploring the Mechanism of Electromechanical Tissue Reshaping. Tracy, Lauren E., and Wong Brian J. Eplasty, 2014, Volume 14, p.e23, (2014) Full text PDF (469.48 KB)
Effects of a Novel Dental Gel on Plaque and Gingivitis: A Comparative Study. Dadkhah, M., Chung N. E., Ajdaharian J., Wink C., Klokkevold P., and Wilder-Smith P. Dentistry (Sunnyvale, Calif.), 2014 Jun 01, Volume 4, Issue 6, p.239, (2014)
Enhanced emission of fluorophores on shrink-induced wrinkled composite structures. Sharma, Himanshu, Digman Michelle A., Felsinger Natasha, Gratton Enrico, and Khine Michelle Optical materials express, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 4, p.753-763, (2014) Full text PDF (662.78 KB)
Factors associated with poor quality of life among cervical cancer survivors: Implications for clinical care and clinical trials. Osann, Kathryn, Hsieh Susie, Nelson Edward L., Monk Bradley J., Chase Dana, Cella David, and Wenzel Lari Gynecologic oncology, 2014 Sep 3, (2014) Full text PDF (520.21 KB)
From fast fluorescence imaging to molecular diffusion law on live cell membranes in a commercial microscope. Di Rienzo, Carmine, Gratton Enrico, Beltram Fabio, and Cardarelli Francesco Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, 2014, Issue 92, (2014) Full text PDF (1.33 MB)
Golgi sorting regulates organization and activity of GPI proteins at apical membranes. Paladino, Simona, Lebreton Stéphanie, Tivodar Simona, Formiggini Fabio, Ossato Giulia, Gratton Enrico, Tramier Marc, Coppey-Moisan Maïté, and Zurzolo Chiara Nature chemical biology, 2014 May, Volume 10, Issue 5, p.350-7, (2014) Full text PDF (1.47 MB)
HCV 3a Core Protein Increases Lipid Droplet Cholesteryl Ester Content via a Mechanism Dependent on Sphingolipid Biosynthesis. Loizides-Mangold, Ursula, Clément Sophie, Alfonso-Garcia Alba, Branche Emilie, Conzelmann Stéphanie, Parisot Clotilde, Potma Eric O., Riezman Howard, and Negro Francesco PloS one, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 12, p.e115309, (2014) Full text PDF (1.27 MB)
High-speed Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging of Lipid-laden Atherosclerotic Plaque Enabled by a 2-kHz Barium Nitrite Raman Laser. Wang, Pu, Ma Teng, Slipchenko Mikhail N., Liang Shanshan, Hui Jie, Shung Kirk K., Roy Sukesh, Sturek Michael, Zhou Qifa, Chen Zhongping, et al. Scientific reports, 2014, Volume 4, p.6889, (2014) Full text PDF (1.09 MB)
High-throughput optical screening of cellular mechanotransduction. Compton, Jonathan L., Luo Justin C., Ma Huan, Botvinick Elliot, and Venugopalan Vasan Nature photonics, 2014 Sep 1, Volume 8, p.710-715, (2014) Full text PDF (1.3 MB)
Implanted Cell-Dense Prevascularized Tissues Develop Functional Vasculature that Supports Reoxygenation Following Thrombosis. White, Sean, Pittman Chelsea R., Hingorani Ryan, Arora Rajan, Esipova Tatiana V., Vinogradov Sergei, Hughes Christopher C. W., Choi Bernard, and George Steven Tissue engineering. Part A, 2014 Mar 4, (2014) Full text PDF (1.96 MB)
In vivo detection of inhalation injury in large airway using three-dimensional long-range swept-source optical coherence tomography. Chou, Lidek, Batchinsky Andriy, Belenkiy Slava, Jing Joseph, Ramalingam Tirunelveli, Brenner Matthew, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2014 Mar 1, Volume 19, Issue 3, p.36018, (2014) Full text PDF (2.32 MB)