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Lipoprotein lipase is an important modulator of lipid uptake and storage in hypothalamic neurons. Libby, Andrew E., Wang Hong, Mittal Richa, Sungelo Mitchell, Potma Eric, and Eckel Robert H. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2015 Sep 18, Volume 465, Issue 2, p.287-92, (2015)
Long-term in vivo electromechanical reshaping for auricular reconstruction in the New Zealand white rabbit model. Badran, Karam W., Manuel Cyrus T., Loy Anthony Chin, Conderman Christian, Yau Yuk Yee, Lin Jennifer, Tjoa Tjoson, Su Erica, Protsenko Dmitriy, and Wong Brian J. F. The Laryngoscope, 2015 Mar 16, (2015) Full text PDF (758.31 KB)
Lpcat3-dependent production of arachidonoyl phospholipids is a key determinant of triglyceride secretion. Rong, Xin, Wang Bo, Dunham Merlow M., Hedde Per Niklas, Wong Jinny S., Gratton Enrico, Young Stephen G., Ford David A., and Tontonoz Peter eLife, 2015, Volume 4, (2015) Full text PDF (5.2 MB)
Macrophages as nanoparticle delivery vectors for photothermal therapy of brain tumors. Christie, Catherine, Madsen Steen J., Peng Qian, and Hirschberg Henry Therapeutic delivery, 2015 Apr, Volume 6, Issue 3, p.371-84, (2015)
Measurement of ciliary beat frequency using Doppler optical coherence tomography. Lemieux, Bryan T., Chen Jason J., Jing Joseph, Chen Zhongping, and Wong Brian J. F. International forum of allergy & rhinology, 2015 Jul 2, (2015)
Model to Estimate Threshold Mechanical Stability of Lower Lateral Cartilage. Kim, James Hakjune, Hamamoto Ashley, Kiyohara Nicole, and Wong Brian J. F. JAMA facial plastic surgery, 2015 Apr 30, (2015) Full text PDF (399.31 KB)
Modes of Diffusion of Cholera Toxin Bound to GM1 on Live Cell Membrane by Image Mean Square Displacement Analysis. Moens, Pierre D. J., Digman Michelle A., and Gratton Enrico Biophysical journal, 2015 Mar 24, Volume 108, Issue 6, p.1448-58, (2015) Full text PDF (1.78 MB)
Molecular interference of fibrin's divalent polymerization mechanism enables modulation of multiscale material properties. Brown, Ashley C., Baker Stephen R., Douglas Alison M., Keating Mark, Alvarez-Elizondo Martha B., Botvinick Elliot L., Guthold Martin, and Barker Thomas H. Biomaterials, 2015 May, Volume 49, p.27-36, (2015) Full text PDF (2.46 MB)
Monte Carlo modeling of light propagation in the human head for applications in sinus imaging. Cerussi, Albert E., Mishra Nikhil, You Joon, Bhandarkar Naveen, and Wong Brian Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Mar 1, Volume 20, Issue 3, p.35004, (2015) Full text PDF (3.07 MB)
Multifrequency synthesis and extraction using square wave projection patterns for quantitative tissue imaging. Nadeau, Kyle P., Rice Tyler B., Durkin Anthony J., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Nov 1, Volume 20, Issue 11, p.116005, (2015) Full text PDF (5.2 MB)
Multifrequency synthesis and extraction using square wave projection patterns for quantitative tissue imaging Nadeau, Kyle P., Rice Tyler B., Durkin Anthony J., and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 11/2015, Volume 20, Issue 11, p.116005, (2015) Full text PDF (5.19 MB)
Nanoparticle-loaded macrophage-mediated photothermal therapy: potential for glioma treatment. Madsen, Steen J., Christie Catherine, Hong Seok Jin, Trinidad Anthony, Peng Qian, Uzal Francisco A., and Hirschberg Henry Lasers in medical science, 2015 May, Volume 30, Issue 4, p.1357-65, (2015) Full text PDF (787.73 KB)
Nitrocobinamide, a new cyanide antidote that can be administered by intramuscular injection. Chan, Adriano, Jiang Jingjing, Fridman Alla, Guo Ling T., Shelton Diane G., Liu Ming-Tao, Green Carol, Haushalter Kristofer J., Patel Hemal H., Lee Jangwoen, et al. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 2015 Feb 26, Volume 58, Issue 4, p.1750-9, (2015) Full text PDF (752.99 KB)
Novel insights from 3D models: the pivotal role of physical symmetry in epithelial organization Kurup, Abhishek, Ravindranath Shreyas, Tran Tim, Keating Mark, Gascard Philippe, Valdevit Lorenzo, Tlsty Thea D., and Botvinick Elliot L. Scientific Reports, 10/2015, Volume 5, p.15153, (2015)
Number and brightness analysis of sFRP4 domains in live cells demonstrates vesicle association signal of the NLD domain and dynamic intracellular responses to Wnt3a. Perumal, Vanathi, Krishnan Kannan, Gratton Enrico, Dharmarajan Arun M., and Fox Simon A. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology, 2015 Mar 21, Volume 64, p.91-96, (2015) Full text PDF (2.58 MB)
Optical properties of mouse brain tissue after optical clearing with FocusClear™. Moy, Austin J., Capulong Bernard V., Saager Rolf B., Wiersma Matthew P., Lo Patrick C., Durkin Anthony J., and Choi Bernard Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Sep, Volume 20, Issue 9, p.95010, (2015)
Optimal flushing agents for integrated optical and acoustic imaging systems. Li, Jiawen, Minami Hataka, Steward Earl, Ma Teng, Mohar Dilbahar, Robertson Claire, Shung Kirk, Zhou Qifa, Patel Pranav, and Chen Zhongping Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 May, Volume 20, Issue 5, p.56005, (2015) Full text PDF (1.47 MB)
Outcome of surgical resection for brain metastases and radical treatment of the primary tumor in Chinese non-small-cell lung cancer patients. Li, Zhenye, Zhang Xiangheng, Jiang Xiaobing, Guo Chengcheng, Sai Ke, Yang Qunying, He Zhenqiang, Wang Yang, Chen Zhongping, Li Wei, et al. OncoTargets and therapy, 2015, Volume 8, p.855-60, (2015) Full text PDF (504.81 KB)
Psychosocial telephone counseling for survivors of cervical cancer: results of a randomized biobehavioral trial. Wenzel, Lari, Osann Kathryn, Hsieh Susie, Tucker Jo A., Monk Bradley J., and Nelson Edward L. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2015 Apr 1, Volume 33, Issue 10, p.1171-9, (2015) Full text PDF (213.57 KB)
Rat embryonic hippocampus and induced pluripotent stem cell derived cultured neurons recover from laser-induced subaxotomy. Selfridge, Aaron, Hyun Nicholas, Chiang Chai-Chun, Reyna Sol M., Weissmiller April M., Shi Linda Z., Preece Daryl, Mobley William C., and Berns Michael W. Neurophotonics, 2015 Jan, Volume 2, Issue 1, p.015006, (2015)
Review of short-wave infrared spectroscopy and imaging methods for biological tissue characterization. Wilson, Robert H., Nadeau Kyle P., Jaworski Frank B., Tromberg Bruce J., and Durkin Anthony J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Mar 1, Volume 20, Issue 3, p.30901, (2015) Full text PDF (1.65 MB)
Spatiotemporal correlation of optical coherence tomography in-vivo images of rabbit airway for the diagnosis of edema. Kang, DongYel, Wang Alex, Volgger Veronika, Chen Zhongping, and Wong Brian J. F. Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Jul 1, Volume 20, Issue 7, p.76015, (2015) Full text PDF (1.42 MB)
Spectral Properties of Single Gold Nanoparticles in Close Proximity to Biological Fluorophores Excited by 2-Photon Excitation. Anzalone, Andrea, Gabriel Manuela, Estrada Laura C., and Gratton Enrico PloS one, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 4, p.e0124975, (2015) Full text PDF (2.17 MB)
Sub-40 fs, 1060-nm Yb-fiber laser enhances penetration depth in nonlinear optical microscopy of human skin. Balu, Mihaela, Saytashev Ilyas, Hou Jue, Dantus Marcos, and Tromberg Bruce J. Journal of biomedical optics, 2015 Dec 1, Volume 20, Issue 12, p.120501, (2015) Full text PDF (2.29 MB)
Targeted narrowband intense pulsed light on cutaneous vasculature. Moy, Wesley J., Yakel Joshua D., Osorio Cecilia O., Salvador Jocelynda, Hayakawa Carole, Kelly Kristen M., and Choi Bernard Lasers in surgery and medicine, 2015 Jul 31, (2015) Full text PDF (1.9 MB)